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TV GUIDE VOL. 31 NO. 7 ISSUE 1559 February 12, 1983
Cover: Cast of M*A*S*H
Articles: "So Long, M*A*S*H" issue.
Good (pages slightly yellowed, very few blemishes)

TV GUIDE VOL. 45 NO. 27 ISSUE 2310 July 5, 1997
Cover: Cast of "Babylon 5"
Articles: "Summer Sci-Fi Special" — "Babylon 5"; "Earth: Final
Conflict"; "Stargate"
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TV GUIDE VOL. 46 NO. 19 ISSUE 2354 May 9, 1998
Cover: Hirshfeld drawing of Jason Alexander as "George Costanza"
Articles: "A Fond Farewell to Seinfeld"
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TV GUIDE VOL. 49 NO. 50 ISSUE 2542
Cover: Four "Hobbits" from "The Lord of the Rings" film
Articles: "The Lord of the Rings"; Jennifer Garner ("Alias"); Xbox review; "The Agency"
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